3 Ways To Add Square Footage During a Home Renovation

When most people describe their dream home, you’ll find that “spacious” is usually mentioned. This is not surprising, as having enough space in your home to do whatever you want is the ultimate dream. In 2020, the average remodeling job size was about $12,000, and a lot of this was spent trying to increase the square footage of an existing home.

Regardless of the total livable square footage of your home, chances are more space is always welcome. That being so, here are three top ways to add square footage during a home remodel.

Add a Second Story

If you’re looking to add a lot more square footage, a second-story addition might be the right option. Instead of going sideways, you can go up. This allows you to almost double the amount of space that’s available to you. The new floor could have another bathroom, bedroom, or even library to increase the enjoyment of your home.

You can also build over your garage during your home remodel. This is a smaller project that won’t turn your home into a mess but will still increase the value of your home. This bonus room above your garage can be anything from a guest room, a home office, or a man cave.

Depending on local laws, you may be able to rent out the extra space to generate more income once you have finished your home remodel. Or, if you want, you can use the roof of your garage as a deck or patio. As you can see, there are so many ideas to choose from, depending on your functional needs, budget, and the area you live in.

Expand Your Home’s Footprint

During a home remodel, it’s also possible to enlarge your ground floor. This requires knocking down a portion of the exterior wall and adding a frame and roof to create new space. This move is also similar to a “bump-out,” which involves redefining your existing floor plan to create space for a breakfast nook or a mini library or office, for instance.

Convert Your Front Porch or the Back Patio

Converting your front porch is a great way to add a sunroom with glass walls, so you can enjoy your garden or the outdoors while inside. It also adds curb appeal to your home. Enclosing your back patio also allows you to enjoy the outdoor ambiance without splurging too much or disrupting other parts of your home. While on the subject of converting to create more usable space, you can also gain valuable space by renovating your attic or basement.

Whatever your budget or needs, it’s possible to add more livable space to your home. The first step is to contact us, and we will help you choose and create the best option during your home remodel.

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