5 Ways to Increase Storage Space During Your Home Remodel

When you remodel rooms in your home, you often want to increase storage space. This article gives you tips for increasing storage space in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, and bedroom. Below are tips for five different rooms that you can discuss with your local home remodeling contractor.

Increasing Kitchen Storage

The kitchen is a room that many people remodel. Adding storage space is often a big part of remodeling a kitchen to find space for all the equipment that goes with cooking and preparing meals. You can install a panty to store cooking equipment and food staples. It can be a small closet pantry or a larger walk-in pantry, depending on the amount of space you have. A freestanding pantry is a cabinet that you can add if you don’t want to have it built-in. A wall pantry can be built into the wall to save space too.

Adding more cabinets will increase storage space in your kitchen and drawers. A home remodeling contractor will be able to help you find ways to increase storage space in small or large kitchens. Shelves are another way to add storage to your kitchen and show off your kitchenware.

Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms need storage space for towels, soap, shampoo, medicine, and other supplies. A medicine cabinet is a good place to store over-the-counter medications, makeup, and other supplies. When you lack closet space, mount a towel rack on the wall for towels and face cloths. Install a sink with a cabinet underneath to store supplies for cleaning and bathroom use. Shelves on the wall are another way to add storage to this room.

Adding More Storage to the Bedroom

A unique way to add space to the bedroom during remodeling is to buy a storage bed. These beds have storage space beneath them and often pull out drawers to put belongings in. Installing new closets will increase storage space in larger bedrooms. Your local home remodeling contractor will be able to provide you with ideas to increase storage space. Built-in cabinets on the wall can lend more space to smaller bedrooms. Dresser drawers can be built into the wall when space is limited.

Living Room Storage

Most families spend a lot of time in the living room and storage space is needed. If the room has corners or alcoves, installing shelves can be an area to store books and collectible items. An entire wall with shelves can be an ideal storage area for books, games, and hobby items. When you have a bay window, a window seat can store cushions, blankets, quilts, and other items.

Dining Room Storage

Installing floating shelves on the wall creates space and these shelves take up little space. You can store plates and needed kitchenware on these shelves. China cabinets can be built into the wall for larger dining rooms and are a good place to store dishes and other kitchenware. Floor-to-ceiling shelves on a wall will create extra storage space if you entertain often. Adding custom built-in cabinets with drawers and shelving will really organize your dining area.

These are some tips for adding storage space to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, and living room when remodeling. Contact a home remodeling contractor in your area for ideas on adding storage to your home or condo.

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