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Customize Your Kitchen (Without Major Demolition)

Most homeowners dream about changing their kitchen in some way, and it’s easy to understand why. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens—even more these days, when we’re making the majority of our meals at home and doing much of our living around the kitchen table. Renovation requests are on the rise, but […]

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In Living Color: The Perfect Cabinetry Color for Any Kitchen Style

  Whether you’re a gourmet chef or surviving on takeout, your kitchen should be your happy place. Kitchens are often literally the heart of the home—they’re a central focal point as well as where much of a family’s daily living takes place. Recent design trends point to extreme personalization as homeowners seek to make their […]

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Summer Living: Bringing the Indoors Out 

Ah, summer in Texas. Yes, it’s hot—we have some of the hottest average temperatures in the country, and we’re no strangers to the sweltering sun. Of course, summer in Texas is also gorgeous, and we’re all looking forward to enjoying our wide open spaces, especially this year. The great outdoors are great indeed, and many […]

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The Elements of Luxurious Bathrooms

Wondering how to turn your bathroom into a luxurious, pampering retreat?  There’s no feeling like the one that sweeps over you when you arrive at a fabulous spa. Everything seems to just work; the features and fixtures blend harmoniously and unobtrusively to immediately make you feel calm, relaxed, and serene. So why do our home […]

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Six Bathroom Renovation Myths — Debunked

Thinking about renovating a bathroom? Good idea! Bathroom renovations not only offer a high return on investment when selling, they also make your home more convenient and pleasant for you. But what do you really need, and how do you get started? In this post, we debunk the six most common bathroom remodel myths. Read […]

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Kitchen Frustrations: Top Kitchen Problems and How to Solve Them

From food prep to family meals, midnight chats to afternoon homework, your kitchen gets a lot of use in a lot of different ways and works best when it’s customized for you. That’s why moving into a great home with a not-so-great kitchen can be frustrating, and why kitchen renovations are so popular. Here are […]

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