Customize Your Kitchen (Without Major Demolition)

Most homeowners dream about changing their kitchen in some way, and it’s easy to understand why. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens—even more these days, when we’re making the majority of our meals at home and doing much of our living around the kitchen table. Renovation requests are on the rise, but they’re not always complete knock-downs. Some of the most dramatic kitchen makeovers are actually the simplest. Read on for a few ways to customize your kitchen without totally tearing it down, with inspiration from a recent Designs for Living project right here in Fort Worth. 

Appliance Upgrade

New appliances make a world of difference in a kitchen remodel, whether you’re a busy family with young children or empty nesters getting creative with your culinary skills. Sometimes new appliances are about necessity (the old ones simply aren’t working) while other times homeowners crave the bells and whistles their current items just don’t offer. In addition, high-end appliances are beneficial for your home’s resale value. The home pictured here received all new appliances, including a Wolf range and Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Cabinetry Update

Some cabinets need complete replacement, but most can be refinished or refurbished. This isn’t just an economical solution—it’s also an environmentally friendly one! Adding or swapping drawer pulls immediately changes the look and feel of a kitchen, as does refinishing in a fresh new color. The homeowners here offered us a different challenge—they opted to keep the existing color and leave as many of the cabinets as possible. Our task was to exactly match the stain on the refrigerator panels and new cabinets to the existing wood—even though that stain was no longer available. The result is a seamless blend of old and new. 

Countertop Swap 

Granite and quartz are the current darlings of the countertop world, and have been for some time. Modern options are not only gorgeously veined and serve as dramatic centerpieces in a kitchen, but also boast easy cleaning and superb durability. These homeowners searched far and wide for the perfect countertop, finally settling on a delicately veined golden quartz. 

Sink Switch 

Brushed nickel. Shiny chrome. Oil-rubbed bronze. Faucet finishes are almost endless these days, as are their styles. In addition, high-tech faucets offering touchless operation and sensors make life easier—and cleaner—for everyone. Homeowners are also opting for different basin styles, from single farmhouse sinks to side-by-side doubles. Here, a soft gray sink was installed to perfectly offset the golden tones in the countertop. 

Whether you’re ready for a major change or a few small swaps, the Designs for Living team is Fort Worth’s top choice for kitchen renovations. Contact us today! 

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