Features to Include in Your Renovated Chef’s Kitchen

If you’re about to remodel your home and you love to cook, chances are you’re going to do some work in the kitchen. This would be the perfect chance to get that chef’s kitchen you have always wanted. In this article, let’s take a look at some features to include in your renovated chef’s kitchen.

High-Powered Ranges

This should be your first stop when renovating your chef’s kitchen. Your oven must have all the bells and whistles you’d find in a professional kitchen. Find one that has the following features:

  • High-heat burners that go up to 25,000 BTUs
  • A 130-degree simmer burner
  • Thermo-fan
  • A pro-grade 1850-degree infrared broiler.

These professional-quality ranges are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes to complement the rest of your kitchen.

Expanded Sink Space

This is another must-have for a proper chef’s kitchen design. Find a sink that has recessed counter space around it. You may want to fit a custom drain and a cutting board on it. This is a design feature that you will get to appreciate more when it comes to prep work. For instance, when you want to wash fruits and vegetables or when you need to hand-wash delicate glassware.

Speed Oven

This is another add-on that you will need to have, especially if you are in a busy household. The unit can be installed in-wall. It brings together convection and microwave elements allowing it to cook everything at much higher speeds than traditional ovens.

Designer Range Hoods

You cannot complete the chef’s kitchen look without a designer range hood. Nowadays, it’s safe to say that hoods have become a must-have in the kitchen. However, people are doing away with the old and noisy models and welcoming the more streamlined models that perform better and more efficiently.

As you are doing your kitchen design, talk to your contractor about the new high-tech generation of hoods. These look good and they’ll give your kitchen a focal point. You can find several quieter models with LED digital displays and touch screen interfaces for easy operation.

When you are picking features for your renovated kitchen design, be sure to do a lot of research and talk to your designer. Cooking is so much easier when you have the right equipment at the tips of your fingers. Apart from the design and convenience, a nice kitchen will inspire you to eat healthily. According to Houzz, a third of homeowners indicate they changed their eating habits and adopted a healthier lifestyle after remodeling their kitchens.

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