Five Trendy Options for Kitchen Countertops

In the past, homeowners had limited countertop options for their kitchen renovation projects. Thanks to advancements in manufacturing, there are now many varieties of materials you can use. Here are the trendy materials that are popular with kitchen designers when remodeling countertops.


Granite countertops have always been a trendy option for home remodeling and are still popular. Their beauty exudes style and sophistication. They have a distinct elegance that complements modern kitchen designs.

Previously homeowners shied away from granite due to its high cost. Luckily, as more people began using it for kitchen remodeling, the prices came down.

There are many reasons to choose granite. It is highly resistant to heat and is known for its durability and strength. You can find the material in a wide variety of textures to fit your kitchen remodeling needs.

Even though granite is porous, modern products have sealers that minimize the need for frequent maintenance. The sealer can wear off over time, but it prevents damage and contamination.


Quartz is one of the best options for home remodeling when you are looking for alternatives to granite. It has comparable strength, but it is non-porous and is considered one of the most hygienic options by kitchen designers.

The material is made of aggregates mixed with about 93% quartz. It comes in a variety of hues, patterns, and textures. It is easier than marble and granite to cut it into the dimensions needed for your countertop.


Marble can be a more expensive option, however it is a premium material still widely used by home remodeling contractors.

It is considered to be the most beautiful natural stone you can use to spruce up your interior. It is often used to highlight some sections of the kitchen, rather than for the entire countertop area.

Some of its limitations are that it may easily scratch and is porous, which means it will require regular maintenance in a busy kitchen. Some suppliers are now adding sealers to prevent damage and also make it sparkle.


Soapstone is one of the natural stones that are naturally resistant to stain. It does this better than marble and granite. It is resistant to heat and is more cost-effective to maintain than other stones. It can sustain scratches, but they can be sanded out.

It is suitable for a home remodeling project, especially if you are going for the antique kitchen style. It is rich in color and often has a milky, sleek appearance. Over time the material develops a patina that complements the vintage look.

Recycled Glass

Recycled glass is one of the green options available if you are looking for something relatively affordable and modern. It is manufactured using the same process as aggregate quartz and is often indistinguishable from quartz countertops.

The material is non-porous and, therefore, resistant to stains and bacteria growth. You can find it today in a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns.

In Conclusion

There are many materials you can choose for countertops and backsplashes that will complement your modern kitchen design. Take time to understand your kitchen to find the right fit. You may also consult a home remodeling contractor in Fort Worth, for the best results.

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