Four Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Everyone Should Consider

Remodeling your kitchen can completely change the way that you look at your home. Kitchens are, in a sense, key to the overall impression that your house makes on people. This is why so many people focus on kitchen design when remodeling their homes. The National Kitchen and Bath Association reported in 2017 that more than 10 million Americans remodeled their kitchens just over the course of one year. Choosing the right home remodeling contractor for your kitchen is just the beginning, however. You’ll still need to decide ahead of time what you want to add to or change about your kitchen. Your kitchen is a major part of the impression your home makes on people — and not just guests, but potential buyers down the road. An updated kitchen can add a lot of value to your home. While you might not foresee yourself selling your home anytime soon, you’ll still want to consider your kitchen remodel as something of an investment. With that being said, you should keep your home remodeling contractor’s advice in mind — they’ll likely know the market well — while at the same time satisfying your own expectations. Let’s look into the types of kitchen remodeling ideas that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

1. An Island

An island might almost seem to be a clichĂ© at this point — but there’s a reason why it’s likely to be one of the ideas that your home remodeling contractor recommends. Islands are attractive, really anchoring a kitchen in place on an aesthetic level. They also have practical benefits, acting as a physical place where people can gather, talk, eat, and even prepare their food. There are many different materials that can act as the basis for your island. They could be made with granite or marble, and some even have wood surfaces as well. These islands can be built into the overall design appearance of your kitchen, adding a bit of extra style that you may need.

2. Additional Lighting

Most people want their kitchens to be on the warmer, brighter side. But that can be difficult to accomplish simply through the colors incorporated into your kitchen on the walls or appliances. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re using the right kind of lighting. Kitchen lighting isn’t going to be reliant on lamps — it will be overhead. Think multi-light chandeliers and surface lighting, and consider utilizing lights that are connected to dimmers. This way, if you plan on entertaining in your kitchen, you can have more control over the effect of the lighting.

3. Consider Your Metals

When installing hardware in your kitchen, you may focus so much on practicality that you forget the aesthetic effects different types of hardware can have. Speak to your home remodeling contractor about the appearances given by different types of metal. For example, if you’d like more of an antique, rustic look to your kitchen — which is very much in style — you may want to consider brass hardware. Warmer tones are definitely more common for the kitchen, but if you’d like something a bit cooler and sleeker, matte black could also be an option. You may even want to make an appointment with your home contractor to visit your local vendor together, which will ultimately give you a better idea of your options.

4. Get Creative With Stone
Most countertops today are stone. While you may consider other options, these are definitely the current trend in countertop choices, and they’re unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Traditionally, many people go with marble as their stone of choice. However, you may want to consider a type of stone that’s a bit more off the beaten path — like quartz. Quartz is durable, withstanding high levels of heat and potential scratching. Some people also use quartz on the perimeter counters, and another stone on the island, adding a bit of contrast and giving you the best of both worlds.

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