Hard work and dedication pay off as Designs for Living employee becomes U.S. Citizen

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we bow our heads in gratitude for many wonderful blessings, including those who courageously served for our freedom. It’s often easy to take for granted one of the most basic gifts many of us received, simply for being born in the U.S. As American citizens, we have many rights & privileges that others only dream of having one day. We were recently reminded of our gift of U.S. citizenship, as last week one of our longtime employees became an American citizen. We are always proud of Marco’s impeccable work ethics, which have now translated through to his study throughout the citizenship application & testing. Thank you for allowing us to share Marco’s proud moment with you. How blessed we all are to live in America & to have veterans who served willingly to make our country the land of the free.— with Melissa Clark Goodroe and David Goodroe.

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