In Living Color: The Perfect Cabinetry Color for Any Kitchen Style


Whether you’re a gourmet chef or surviving on takeout, your kitchen should be your happy place. Kitchens are often literally the heart of the home—they’re a central focal point as well as where much of a family’s daily living takes place. Recent design trends point to extreme personalization as homeowners seek to make their most-used room the most-loved, and nothing does this more simply and with more style than color. 

Bold cabinet colors in particular are a great way to improve the look and feel of a kitchen, adding drama, depth, and interest without commitment or extreme cost. Best of all, colorful cabinetry works for every design style. For example: 

Rustic Farmhouse + Sage Green 

Farmhouse kitchens combine cozy chic with antique charm, often incorporating elements like reclaimed wood, antiques, and old-fashioned appliances. Sage green accents—or even saturation—offer a fabulously warm and welcoming contrast. Consider a bold sage island base or opt for one wall of cabinets with the earthy color. Using milk or chalk paint adds another layer of softness. 

Modern Minimalist + Primary Colors 

Opting for a sleek, streamlined kitchen look? Minimalist cabinets without hardware or tooling are the perfect blank slate for a bright, happy primary color. We’re seeing lots of navy blues in contemporary kitchens, but bright yellow, tomato red, and kelly green also make happy statements. 

Spa-Like Serenity + Seafoam Green 

Calming kitchens are a dream for cooking, baking, and midnight chatting. Nothing inspires this serenity more than the color of the ocean at sunset. Seafoam green is incredibly versatile—it looks great when used on all the kitchen cabinets, only on the island, or as an accent on one wall of cabinetry. It also works well to play with depth, like tracing darker seafoam at the cabinet’s edge and lighter seafoam inside. 

Elegant Traditional + Rich Reds & Bold Blues  

Classic kitchens shouldn’t be left out, either! Reds and blues lend themselves to traditional styles perfectly—think oriental rugs and rich tapestries. Consider a deep, dark red on one wall of cabinetry, or a brushed blue on the kitchen island’s base. The marble countertops of traditional kitchens offer a fabulous place to pick up an accent color, as well. Marble is making a statement these days, with deep, wide veins and a leathered finish. Matching those deep veins with your kitchen’s dramatic accent color adds balance.  

Of course, there’s really no limit to how you use color in the kitchen—whether bold drama or subtle warmth, color is just another great way to make your kitchen the happiest room in the home. 

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