Is Open Concept Right for You?

Are you thinking of a new and better way of upgrading your kitchen? A kitchen remodel should be about you and your family. According to the Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, about 82% of people say they have a greater desire to stay at home after completing their kitchen renovation project.

That’s where the benefits of living with a newly remodeled kitchen come into play. One way to leverage these benefits is to go with an open-concept kitchen and living room. You might already have noticed this home design trend getting a lot of hype. Here’s why it’s worth it for you and your family.

What’s the Open Concept Plan?

An open-plan concept applies to the kitchen, dining, and living room. That means these rooms will be connected, with no or only partial barriers in place. You can have a kitchen island with seating that flows into the rest of the living spaces, or a half wall that acts as a divider between the areas.

When these rooms share one common space, members of the family can interact easily since these are the main entertainment areas where people spend most of their time cooking and relaxing.

Benefits of an Open Concept Plan

Generally, once you hire a home remodeling contractor to convert your kitchen/dining/living room area into an open-concept plan, you can expect the following benefits:

Shared Enjoyment of Your Space

With an open-concept plan, everyone can participate in family time, even if one person is cooking and others are seated in the entertainment area. This improves your home’s social environment by making it easier to communicate. Additionally, parents can keep their kids in their line of sight.

Brings in More Natural Light

An open-plan floor can really open up your space by bringing in more natural light throughout and gets rid of that claustrophobic feeling. Your space will feel more spacious, and interior rooms that would not normally get much natural light will now get shared light from the exterior windows.

Improved Traffic Flow and More Functionality

Once your home remodeling contractor has completed the project, you’ll find an open floor plan that makes it easier to move about your house, since you don’t have to open doors or avoid walls. Additionally, an open floor means you have a multifunctional space that can serve as a recreation area or entertainment space.

One last thing, an open plan concept can also boost your home’s value, since it’s one of the more modern home design trends on the market. The important thing is to make sure you work with an experienced home remodeling contractor that can deliver quality work.

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