Kitchen Countertops for Every Design Style

The focal point of a fantastic kitchen remodel is often the countertops. There are a surprising number of options available today for every design style, from the classic touch of granite to the warmth of butcher block. With various materials, finishes, and designs, a countertop is an excellent opportunity to put your personality into your kitchen remodel.

Does your kitchen counter match your style? Here are just a few examples to inspire your perfect countertop:  

Timeless Traditional

Traditional design styles look great with heavily veined stone that perfectly complements classic cabinetry. Here, we shaped the edge of the countertop to match the footprint of the center island, making it a beautiful centerpiece. Intricate detailing such as this provides interest and warmth to any kitchen.

Classic with a Kick

This interpretation of the traditional countertop is similar, with the same heavy veining shown above. This time, however, the surface is distressed and weathered, with more of a textured finish. This interesting technique creates a wonderful focal point if you want your countertops to be noticed (and admired!).

Transitional Touches

Some homeowners have more of a transitional style — a blend of traditional and modern motifs. This high-gloss countertop with a beveled edge is a perfect example. As we see here, pairing a countertop like this with a dark sink and fixtures creates a more modern feel than a traditional white or stainless steel basin.

Lux Glam

Looking for a lighter feel? This elegant two-tiered countertop is anything but classic white. Gold is big right now, with brass lighting and other metallic accents gracing the trendiest of Texas kitchens. The subtle touch of gold veining is sure to keep this kitchen in style for years to come.

Modern Minimalist

If you would like other elements in your kitchen to stand out, minimalist solid-colored countertops let your accents and art play the starring role. Here, appliances and art provide pops of color against a geometric backsplash for a clean, modern look.

No matter which design style you’re going for or how you want to highlight your kitchen, there’s a countertop that will work for you. We’ll walk you through all the different material and design options to find the best fit for your space. Ready to pick out your dream countertop? Contact us today!

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