Kitchen Frustrations: Top Kitchen Problems and How to Solve Them

From food prep to family meals, midnight chats to afternoon homework, your kitchen gets a lot of use in a lot of different ways and works best when it’s customized for you. That’s why moving into a great home with a not-so-great kitchen can be frustrating, and why kitchen renovations are so popular.

Here are a few common kitchen conundrums and how they can be overcome:

Storage Shortage

Crock pots. Heirloom china. Serving platters. Wine glasses. Your kitchen holds a lot of items of varying shapes, sizes, and numbers. Without a place for everything and everything in its place, it’s difficult to find what you need when you need it, and downright impossible to have any kind of organization. Our favorite storage solutions include:

  • Hidden spice rack drawers
  • Lazy susans or swing-out shelves for otherwise inaccessible corners
  • Pots and pans drawers under the range
  • Combination of open and closed shelving

Pinch Points

Even in a large kitchen, poorly placed appliances can lead to bottlenecks of activity—where people and prep compete for the same space. Solve this common problem by separating appliances. Small and large kitchens alike should aim for some space separating the oven, range, dishwasher, sink, and refrigerator. This way, people can work in the same place without occupying the same space—one person emptying the dishwasher while another puts the finishing touches on dinner in the oven, for example.

Failing Cabinets

Cabinet styles come and go, but even more often simply fail with time—like when drawers skip off their tracks and panels don’t line up evenly. Renewing cabinets and drawers with features like auto or soft close can prevent a world of frustration. In addition, clever custom cabinets can be a fun way to organize things like spices, cleaning supplies, and utensils.

Failing Appliances

Do you make do with the one burner out of four on your range that actually works? Does your refrigerator sound like it’s about to take flight? It might be time to replace these relics with new, energy-efficient, and beautiful models. Consider a cabinetry-covered dishwasher and refrigerator for a sleek look, or a showpiece oven that’s fit for a feast.

Flow Woes

Kitchen flow matters. Allow your guests (and family) to pass through your mealtime magic by creating a natural pathway through the kitchen that stays away from the meal prep zone. Butler’s pantries are another great way to help guests help themselves without hindering the host.

Lack of Guest Seating

Speaking of those guests—every guest really does always end up in the kitchen, even in the most expansive homes. Provide your guests a comfortable place to congregate (and maybe even help chop a carrot or two) with island seating. Of course, casual island seating isn’t just great for entertaining, either—it often becomes the preferred place for family meals, thanks to its informal vibe and close proximity to meal prep and clean up areas.

What’s your greatest kitchen frustration? No matter what your pain points may be, there’s a solution available to make the heart of your home truly the spot of your dreams. Start planning your future kitchen now by downloading our free kitchen design guide!

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