Midcentury Modern with a Boho Flare

“To remodel or to tear down and build new … that was the question,” says David Goodroe, President and CEO, Designs for Living.

The answer to the question was remodel. After an intense planning pro-cess, the homeowners decided to remodel the entire home. The design aesthetic of the living area, the first thing you see when you enter the home, was to be midcentury modern. To accomplish this, walls were removed to com-bine the living, kitchen and dining rooms. To further enhance the space, the ceilings were raised. The homeowners requested that a fireplace be installed, so to preserve the natural light that flooded the area from windows in the front and back of the home, space was carved out of a closet between the living room and the hallway.

Goodroe’s design style is further reflected by the barn doors between kitchen and laundry, the fireplace, and the way the kitchen is laid out, perfectly planned for function and efficiency. The open living space with high ceilings allows light to flood the area from the front and back windows of the home.

“The space makes an immediate impression. It just makes you happy,” Goodroe says. The bright, airy feel combined with pops of bold color in the furniture, art and accessories make the area stunning and lend the space a Boho flare.

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