Outdoor Oasis: Tips for a Seamless Addition

Stunning outdoor additions are trending in the remodeling world, as people look to the sanctuary of home for entertaining and family life alike. A great outdoor space is more than an additional living area—it’s a private oasis that keeps the chaos of the world away. Considering your own backyard retreat? Our latest outdoor project is the perfect inspiration to plan an outdoor room that works perfectly with your home and life. Here’s how: 

Pitch Perfect

Wherever possible, try to work with the existing home’s structural lines for an addition that looks as though it’s always been there. You’ll want to ensure that the roof on your outdoor room mimics the pitch of the home’s roof. Awkward roof angles are not only unsightly, but can make the room look haphazardly tacked on. Any walls or columns should also melt into the existing structure. For this home, the roof pitches were meticulous lined up for a seamless feel.

Marry Materials

It’s not necessary to build your outdoor room with the same exact material as the home. Especially with older homes, this can actually be incredibly challenging—you’d have to find the appropriate supply and age. Wood stains for flooring or cabinets can be matched–and Designs For Living has done some outstanding work in this regard–but it can be a costly and time consuming proposition. Instead, many homeowners opt for complementary materials that still feel harmonious. Look to offset a formal brick home with natural stone columns, or pair siding with stucco. As long as the new material marries well with the old, as this brick and stone does, it’s a match made in heaven. 

Coordinate Colors 

Similarly, colors don’t have to be replicated either—they just have to coordinate, like this bright brick and muted stone. Ensure the addition’s color palette works well with the existing home’s by seeking the advice of a talented designer. Colors often look quite different on finished projects than they do on a small swatch—expert advice is invaluable. 

Section Your Space

Consider all the possibilities of your new space. Often, homeowners are only looking to cover their patio for more comfortable dining. They quickly realize that the same space, artfully designed, could contain a conversation area, dining area, and possibly even an outdoor kitchen. Here, the homeowners have the option to snuggle by the sofa and enjoy the sunset, or enjoy elegant al fresco dining (or both!). Multiple seating areas are not only great for entertaining, they’re wonderful for family nights and solo afternoons!

Consider Climate  

Fort Worth can get a *little* warm in the summer—but that doesn’t mean the end of outdoor oasis season. Protect your retreat from the heat with strategically-placed ceiling fans for cool comfort on the hottest days. The perfectly positioned fans in this room make for delightful summer afternoons and evenings. For cooler winter evenings, a fire pit can provide just the right amount of warmth to linger over heartful conversations.  

Ready to craft your outdoor addition? Contact us today to learn more about your home’s perfect fit. 

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