Planning to Sell? Here’s What to Include in a Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations are some of the most popular investments to make when it comes to boosting the value of your home. In fact, bathroom remodels have an ROI of approximately 70%, so if you want to capture buyers’ attention, here are some great bathroom remodeling ideas to go by.

Choose the Right Vanity and Spruce Up Your Shower

While it’s great to have a glamorous bathroom, buyers want a fully functional bathroom with the right kind of amenities at the end of the day. For starters, it’s important to choose a vanity with sufficient storage space, and which is strong and sturdy.

People want somewhere to stash their bathroom necessities, and lack of storage space can be a deal-breaker. After all, no one wants a cluttered bathroom. However, you also shouldn’t install a vanity that swallows the whole room and gets in the way. Additionally, a shower is a great feature to have. Most people lead busy lives and want a way to get clean quickly and conveniently. Extras like flexible showerheads and water-saving features can also help you sell better and faster.

Go Neutral On the Design Elements

When you are renovating intending to sell, it’s important to stick to traditional and neutral bathroom remodeling designs. This ensures that your bathroom will appeal to buyers with all sorts of tastes. For instance, most home buyers are fine with neutral colors, so keep this in mind when repainting walls and installing new tiles or cabinets. Don’t worry about it making your bathroom seem plain. You can always accessorize using colorful elements, such as bathroom towels, shower curtains, candles, and toiletries.

Choose Well-Designed and Functioning Fixtures

Today, bathroom fixtures like toilets, faucets, and showerheads not only have to be functional but also have to be aesthetically appealing. In other words, it’s great to have a showerhead that’s low-flow or a faucet with an aerator that helps to conserve water.

However, it also helps if these fixtures are nice to look at from the buyer’s perspective. For instance, fixtures made from polished chrome can add an elegant touch to your bathroom and will blend well with other bathroom accessories.

When renovating your bathroom, keep these bathroom remodeling ideas in mind. Buyers will be sure to love the final look and add your house to their shortlist.

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