Should You Use Porcelain or Ceramic Floor Tile in Your Kitchen?

A room remodel can make a big difference in your life. According to Houzz, one-third of homeowners say they maintained a healthier lifestyle after remodeling their kitchen. Part of planning a remodel includes choosing what floor tile to use. Two common options are porcelain and ceramic. Here are the pros and cons of each material and how to determine which one works for your remodel.

Pros of Porcelain Floor Tile

There are numerous benefits of using porcelain floor tile. It’s a tougher material that doesn’t easily scratch or stain. It’s also a versatile material that can be used throughout the home, meaning bathroom designers and kitchen designers can use it for projects. It’s also pretty easy to maintain.

Cons of Porcelain Floor Tile

There are some cons associated with using porcelain floor tile. Grout can be a big issue with porcelain tiles, especially if it’s stained or dirty. It can be difficult to keep grout clean, and if you don’t regularly clean it, your tile could look dirty. Porcelain can also be time-consuming to install.

Pros of Ceramic Floor Tile

Like porcelain, ceramic floor tile is durable, but porcelain is generally considered the more durable material of the two. However, ceramic is easy to maintain. Many kitchen designers like to use it in projects because of its design versatility. It’s a low-maintenance option that can be used for numerous design options. It’s also relatively easy to repair.

Cons of Ceramic Floor Tile

Ceramic is a pretty heavy material, which means it may be too weighty for certain projects. Ceramic can also be difficult to install. Some people also don’t like that it can be a cold, hard surface to walk on. It may also require more frequent cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Porcelain and ceramic floor tiles have valuable benefits and numerous drawbacks to consider. The key is to determine what works best for the project you’re using it for. If you’re looking for a more durable and water-resistant tile floor, then porcelain may be the way to go. This could come in handy if you’re working on a bathroom project. If you want a softer material that’s versatile in style, ceramic may be your best option. This could work if you’re redoing your kitchen. If you have questions about the kind of tile to use for your kitchen, you can always ask your kitchen designers for their input.

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