Six Bathroom Renovation Myths — Debunked

Thinking about renovating a bathroom? Good idea! Bathroom renovations not only offer a high return on investment when selling, they also make your home more convenient and pleasant for you. But what do you really need, and how do you get started? In this post, we debunk the six most common bathroom remodel myths. Read on to discover how breaking the rules makes for a more beautiful — and functional — bath.

Myth: Every full bathroom needs a tub.

Fact: Yours might be better without one.

Remember: you’re not just renovating for resale value, but for your life. Do you enjoy a long soak? Are you actually likely use a tub? If the answer is no, that space may be better used with a larger, or more luxurious, shower. Consider forgoing the bath in favor of a shower you actually look forward to stepping into, with unique details like artful tile or faux wood paneling.

Myth: Moving fixtures like the sink, toilet, and bath is always necessary.

Fact: It’s much more cost-efficient to keep plumbing where it is.

Hate that your toilet is right next to the vanity? Wish you could have the shower on the opposite wall? If fixture placement is a frustration, by all means consider moving the plumbing — but be aware that even small shifts can increase your renovation cost. Luckily, a talented designer can often come up with several surprising ways to achieve your dreams with the room’s current plumbing placement — it’s incredible what experienced insight can do!

Myth: Storage should always be hidden.

Fact: Open or freestanding storage can be beautiful and functional.

Take your bath next level by adding unique storage — and think beyond crisply folded towels. Open storage like vertical shelving can be a great spot to house many things and can help a small room feel less closed-off. Also consider freestanding furniture for storage, like a great armoire or vanity with turned legs (just make sure any wood is properly painted or treated for humidity).

Myth: Overhead lighting is the best way to go.

Fact: Using multiple types of lighting is best.

Let’s face it — no one is flattered by harsh overhead lighting. Consider options like soft lighting alongside mirrors, floor lamps in corners, and task lighting above mirrors. Since you will still likely want some overhead lighting, opt for a statement-making piece, like petrified wood or a glamorous mini-chandelier.

Myth: Ventilation just means staying up to code.

Fact: Ventilation is KEY.

Bathrooms get steamy (and stinky)! Go beyond the minimum requirements for maximum comfort. Fans are key to keeping a bathroom feeling fresh and mildew free, and there are a lot of options. Choose fans that automatically turn on and off with the light switch or work on a timer and discuss the fan’s power with your contractor. Also consider taking advantage of the room’s humidity with live plants! Plants love humid rooms and (bonus!) clean the air for you. In conjunction with a perfectly powered fan, plants can make this small space serene. 

Myth: Tile is always the best option.

Fact: Go beyond the basics for beautiful baths.

For a long time, tile was the best elegant alternative to bathroom laminates. Then marble vanities became mainstream. Now, creative homeowners are opting for all different materials to give their bathrooms a custom, luxurious feel. Faux woods are warm and soothing, plus they resist humidity. Concrete overlays can freshen for a fraction. Beadboard and grass cloth walls add texture and protection. Of course, tile doesn’t have to mean boring — glass and hand-painted ceramics can be elegant, whimsical, and unexpectedly charming.

Throw out the old rules. Talk with your contractor and designer about making your bathroom renovation project a custom, creative, and completely luxurious room you look forward to entering each and every day. It’s your home — design it for living.

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