Soaking Tubs (and Why You Need One in Your Life)

Large, roomy showers have been popular for several years now, and they certainly make mornings much more comfortable and luxurious. The ultimate in bathroom luxury, however, is still a generous soaking tub. There’s nothing quite like sinking into the water at the end of the day in your very own home spa. 

A top design trend for 2021, soaking tubs are generally deeper than standard bathtubs. Bathers are able to fully submerge — no more knees poking above the water! In addition, they come in a variety of designs that look great in any bathroom. Here are a few different styles of soaking tubs from recent Designs for Living projects:

Curvy Contemporary

Looking to update your bathroom but keep its charm? This tub’s minimalist style and curved lines would fit well into a contemporary bathroom. Together with a sleek but simple faucet, this is a sophisticated look that is updated yet timeless.

Modern Elegance

A squared-off soaking tub is perfect for a more modern but still warm and comfortable look. This tub is simple, elegant, and inviting. The faucet, separate from the tub, has been cleverly installed to blend seamlessly with the wall. Homeowners are sure to enjoy this tranquil retreat for years to come. 

Lavish & Lovely

Love the look of a traditional deck-mounted tub? This whimsical, luxurious tub is perfect for the homeowner who enjoys the finer things in life. Jets and extra faucets can be added, and the platform provides more surface area for candles or other décor.

With their stylish looks and unmatched relaxation possibilities, it’s easy to see why soaking tubs are trending in 2021. At Designs for Living, we can help you choose a soaking tub that will enhance your bathroom, no matter your style. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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