Summer Living: Bringing the Indoors Out 

Ah, summer in Texas. Yes, it’s hot—we have some of the hottest average temperatures in the country, and we’re no strangers to the sweltering sun. Of course, summer in Texas is also gorgeous, and we’re all looking forward to enjoying our wide open spaces, especially this year. The great outdoors are great indeed, and many people are looking to improve their own outdoor living spaces to entertain and enjoy life with loved ones. 

Considering creating or renovating your own outdoor space? As Fort Worth’s premier home remodeler, Designs for Living has crafted all types of outdoor spaces. There’s no limit to how you’ll use your backyard oasis, but we find four outdoor activities the most common:


There’s something special about eating outdoors. Whether poolside or gardenside, al fresco dining is perfect for the long, slow evenings of summer. Requests for complete kitchens are on the rise, and are often just as fully outfitted as they are indoors. 

Regardless of space and size, all outdoor kitchens should all have a built-in grill, weather-safe cabinets, and some kind of shade to keep the chef cool. Also consider a small refrigerator and a unique appliance like a ceramic smoker or pizza grill. 

Not quite ready for the full kitchen? You can still take advantage of beautiful outdoor dining. Opt for a sturdy table and chairs large enough to suit your guests and small enough to suit your space, and make sure that space is completely level. Feel free to think outside the box, as well—pub tables and couches also make for great dining. 


Of course, your guests are not there solely for the food (we hope!). Create a cozy conversation area with comfortable seating, ideally in an open square or semi-circle so that all guests can easily see each other. Choose your furniture carefully—remember, your outdoor sofa should be at least as comfortable as your indoor sofa. Select pieces that feel stable and permanent. 

There’s nothing like a glowing fire to encourage conversation. Consider a built-in firepit in the center of your conversation nook, but be careful about the firepit’s fuel. Wood-burning firepits should only be used if you’re sheltered from the wind, otherwise your guests will be left with smoke in their eyes. Modern propane pits may be a better option; discuss carefully with your contractor. 


Summer isn’t just the season of barbecues and beaches—it’s also the season for swimming, tennis, lawn games, and more. What if you could do all of these in your backyard? 

Whether it’s a large saltwater pool or a small spa tub, adding water to an outdoor space adds cool serenity. And there are options: larger pools can be made intimate with careful hardscaping, and small spas can be enclosed in their own gazebos. 

Tennis courts are a great option if you have tons of space, but smaller areas can be set up for many kinds of outdoor recreation, like lawn darts, cornhole, and bocce ball courts. 


Nothing says backyard luxury like a television. Modern outdoor televisions have come a long way in recent years, with technology to keep the electronics safe from the elements and reduce glare. 

Plan a television viewing area carefully; you’ll want to ensure that the tv can be placed or mounted safely on your hardscaping, select sound options that work well outside, and have an awning, pergola, or other type of ceiling both for the television and the comfort of those watching. 

However you plan to use your outdoor space, work with a trusted expert like Designs for Living to ensure it’s the backyard oasis of your dreams. Ready to learn more? Contact us today! 


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