The Average Bathroom Remodel Timeline (and How You Can Speed It Up)

Ready to remodel your bathroom? Whether you’ve already worked out what changes you want to make, or you’re still searching for ideas, you’re probably wondering just how long a bathroom remodel takes. That’s a tricky question — especially now. Let’s take a look at the main tasks affecting your bathroom remodel timeline:

Planning & Design

Normally, the planning stage of a master bathroom remodel is about 5.5 months. 

The old adage to measure twice and cut once is particularly true in the planning stage. After all, it’s easy to make changes and substitutions before construction begins but very costly and time-consuming after. 

A design-build firm like Designs for Living takes care to uncover not just your needs and wants but also how your selections affect your timeline and costs. Sure, you may long for that extravagant, luxurious imported tile, but some fixtures and features may be difficult to come by — waiting for them can add weeks, even months, to your schedule. Our designers can suggest several alternatives that will be just as amazing and save you time and money. 

Bottom line: Take your time planning. Be sure you know exactly what you want and that your remodeler can deliver it. 

Trade Team Selection

Once your plan is in place, it’s time to assemble your team. The key to efficiency here is selecting the right team from the start. If you choose design-bid-build, you’ll need to interview, vet, and coordinate with several different teams. Be sure they communicate well and understand each other’s preferences and scheduling needs. Most importantly, make sure you can trust each team — check references to ensure they don’t have a track record of hidden costs, delays, and issues. Switching teams mid-construction adds significant cost and time. 

Of course, if you decide to work with a design-build firm, the team selection and coordination is done for you, by people who know what they’re doing. These teams are accustomed to working together and provide you with a single point of contact throughout the project, ensuring an on-track remodel. 

Bottom line: Research and select trade teams carefully — or hire a design-build firm that keeps every element under one roof. 

Construction Considerations

Master bathroom remodels generally have a construction phase lasting 3.2 months, while guest bath construction takes a little less time. As mentioned above, the biggest delays at this phase are often caused by changes. Design plans are incredibly precise, with many interlocking parts. Even a slight change, like adding another drawer or moving the faucets slightly, can result in delays. 

Another potential area of delay is addressing the unexpected. Demolition often uncovers issues like electric work not up to code, hidden mold, or plumbing leaks on the verge of catastrophe. Ultimately, it’s a good thing to discover these issues before they become significant — but it sure can add time to your remodel. 

Bottom line: Expect the unexpected. Even with the best-laid plans, remodels can sometimes take longer than we hope. 

The best way to ensure your bathroom remodel is finished as soon as possible is to get started as soon as possible. Consider tackling the planning phase early — if you decide to delay construction, at least you’ve laid the groundwork for a smooth and efficient remodel later. Contact us today to get started! 

Still in the early days of research? Check out our Guide to Bathroom Remodeling. The Guide helps you identify the elements of your dream bathroom, like design style, fixture preferences, and material needs. After reading, you’ll have a better idea of what your bathroom remodel will entail and be prepared to connect with a designer.

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