The Benefits of Design-Build

The world of remodeling and construction can be a confusing one. Often, a designer or architect will create a design and leave the rest up to the homeowner, who then chooses a general contractor to do the actual building. With this model of construction, called the design-bid-build process, the general contractor orders all the materials and schedules the subcontractors and tradespeople. 

Unfortunately, things often go wrong. There can be disconnects between the design and the space’s limitations, surprise discoveries behind walls that require changes, and even misinterpretations of the design. All of these can contribute to a less-than-smooth remodeling process. 

Luckily, there is a better way. 

Design-build firms, such as Designs for Living, pull the best people together into a coordinated team. With a design-build firm, every step of remodeling is coordinated in-house, reducing confusion and ensuring everyone is on the same page. Design-build teams ensure a smooth renovation with: 

Better Communication

When work is orchestrated by a single entity, it happens with greater efficiency because all stakeholders are talking and coordinating regularly. Homeowners meet with the project manager to share their vision, wants, and needs for the remodel. That information is shared throughout the process with carpenters, masons, painters, drywall experts, and interior designers. The entire team is on the same page and has the same purpose: to make your remodeling dreams come true. 

In addition, each member of the team is well trained and appreciates the complexities of each phase of a project. Designers know how easy or difficult custom projects can be, and can set appropriate expectations from the very beginning. 

Better Relationships 

Communication and coordination aren’t just internal. Design-build firms have multifaceted and diverse relationships with multiple suppliers. We’re big customers, not scrappy boutiques. We know who offers the best products and services, and who to call when there’s a problem or concern. Suppliers are people we deal with daily—we know exactly what they can and can’t do, and we’ve earned their respect over many years. 

In addition, design-build firms are top priorities for suppliers, and we are often able to leverage long-standing relationships to ensure fewer delays and smoother transactions.

We’re also able to coordinate our teams’ schedules better than separate companies. We can hire and engage the very best, ensuring a steady stream of work for them on various projects. 

Better Cost 

The improved communication and well-established vendor relationships of design-build firms make a big difference to your bottom line. First, economies of scale mean that since we’re buying a lot more, we’re able to negotiate better pricing on supplies and services. Because we’re in constant negotiations with a variety of vendors, we’re able to get great pricing on a variety of materials. 

Best of all, since we know exactly what different steps in the process will cost, we’re able to offer fixed pricing. No surprise surcharges here! Design-build firms lay out a price at the beginning, and we’re responsible for achieving it. Separate firms will often work “cost-plus,” which leads to uncertainty and added expenses. 

Whether you’re considering a small renovation or a major whole house remodel, design-build contractors offer the best service and cost around—all while eliminating the headaches of coordination and ensuring the perfect finished home. Contact us today to begin designs for your dream home. 

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