The Elements of Luxurious Bathrooms

Wondering how to turn your bathroom into a luxurious, pampering retreat? 

There’s no feeling like the one that sweeps over you when you arrive at a fabulous spa. Everything seems to just work; the features and fixtures blend harmoniously and unobtrusively to immediately make you feel calm, relaxed, and serene. So why do our home bathrooms so often feel the exact opposite? The truth is, spas spend a great deal of time and effort on creating that zen experience. Luckily, there are several steps you can take today to create an atmosphere of elegant luxury—and they don’t all involve a major overhaul. Read on to learn how you can turn this necessary room into one you never want to leave. 

Create More Space

An expansive room is a serene room. 

There’s no doubt about it, most luxurious bathrooms are spacious. While we all know that a large bathroom immediately feels decadent, many dated bathrooms feel the exact opposite—that’s why bathroom renovations are among our most popular projects. Expanding your bathroom’s footprint can make a dramatic difference, and our team of designers works magic at finding the space you need to get the room you want. 

Knocking down walls isn’t the only way to create an open feel, however. If you’re living with a small lavatory, consider replacing dated fixtures and furnishings with sleek, streamlined versions. Ultra-ornate features are beautiful but often feel claustrophobic in a small room. 

Let the Outdoors In 

Organic elements create calm. 

The ultimate in bathroom luxury is a large window with a gorgeous view. Whether it’s a shower offering a glimpse of the city skyline or a bathtub with an unobstructed hillside vista, bathrooms with a view feel lovely. 

Of course, your bathroom may not be quite as secluded as you’d like. Windows could still be the key—skylights bathe you in lovely light without sacrificing privacy, and are especially soothing over a bathtub. You can also bring the outdoors in by using natural elements. Warm wood or grasscloth walls add an organic, calming (and delightfully untraditional) element. 

Put Away Your Potions 

There’s a place for everything and everything in its place. 

That extra-large tube of toothpaste may do wonders for your pearly whites, but isn’t doing your bathroom any favors. In fact, luxury bathrooms never have any toiletries on the vanity. Clear your countertops at all times for the most pleasing view. Storage is the key here. Take a thorough inventory of your getting-ready process and plan storage accordingly. Do you often change in the bathroom? Hide laundry baskets in specially designed cabinets or install a chute. Put dividers in drawers so you’re never stuck hunting for a lost bobby pin. Consider specially shaped (and heat-resistant) slots for curling irons and hairdryers. 

If you must have your potions & lotions out, invest in beautiful matching bottles and jars and fill them with your regular products. And remember: even though perfume and cologne bottles look elegant, they should never be kept in a bathroom as the temperature and humidity fluctuations can alter their scent. 

Surprise and Delight

Unexpected elements keep bathrooms personal. 

For a truly powerful wow factor that makes a bathroom feel like much more than a bathroom, consider a dramatic or unexpected element. Charming and unusual features include: 

  • Furniture-style cabinetry 
  • Floor to ceiling tile 
  • Raw-edged vanities
  • Picture-framed mirrors
  • Dramatic (and humidity-safe) art
  • Mirrors that are secretly televisions
  • Deep, standalone soaking tubs 

The Right Light

Shed light on every situation.

The key to luxury lighting is varied lighting. Have a mix of effective task lighting, spotlighting, and overhead lighting that literally bathes you in a golden glow. 

Task Lighting: Sconces flanking a vanity mirror eliminate shadows and brighten the workspace. 

Spotlighting: Choose a soft, beautiful light above the bath or in the shower to turn bathing from functional to fabulous. 

Overhead Lighting: Opt for drama! Fixtures made of petrified wood, modern glass, or draped in crystals add interest and beauty. 

Finally, always remember what takes every single luxury hotel and spa next-level: really good, fluffy, cozy towels!  

With these elements in place, your bathroom is sure to invite a sense of peaceful calm and utter joy every day. Ready to make your bathroom dreams reality? Contact us today and start on the path to a more serene suite. 

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