The Right Range Hood: Choosing a Style That Works for You

Take a moment to imagine your dream kitchen. 

You’ve picked out your countertops, cabinets, and paint colors. You’ve even decided on your lighting and appliances — but have you considered what style of range hood works best in your culinary oasis? Often overlooked as purely functional, range hoods are an appliance that can add character and greatly enhance the look of your kitchen. Let’s take a look at a few different range hood styles from recent Fort Worth kitchen remodels: 

Keeping It Simple

Photo by Jeremy Enlow

The range hood in this modern kitchen has geometric, clean lines and is made of stainless steel that perfectly matches the stove and cabinet pulls. Its minimal design is subtle, stylish, and blends into the décor for an ultra-sleek look. 

Seamless Style

Photo by Jeremy Enlow

This range hood offers another way to make a statement while literally blending into the woodwork. These homeowners went with a vent hood cover that matches their cabinets seamlessly. This type of woodwork is perfect for timeless, traditional kitchen styles.  

Backstage Beauty

Photo by Jeremy Enlow

White wood offers the ultimate in kitchen versatility. This unadorned, solid white range hood leading to the ceiling enhances the kitchen’s look without being overpowering. This allows the candelabra pendant lighting, stunning countertops, and dark pop of color on the island to remain the focal points. 

Captivating Contrast

In other cases, you may want the range hood to be an eye-catching point of interest. In this kitchen, the hood was painted a sophisticated blue-gray to match the center island, perfectly contrasting the antique-white cabinets. Brown edging along the bottom and the crown molding on the top add stately elegance to this gorgeously detailed kitchen.

Range hoods serve an important role in the safety and cleanliness of your home. Why not give them a style of their own? Ready to get started designing your dream kitchen? Contact us today!

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