Three Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Kick Off Your Renovation Project

If you look at your home and wish that you could start a renovation project as soon as possible, you aren’t alone. Millions of people across America would love to start a home remodeling project — but they just don’t know where to start. When deciding what to remodel in your house, you may want to start with what bothers you the most. Perhaps there’s just one issue, like a lack of kitchen space or a closed living room design. It’s very possible that you bought your home specifically to start a home remodel. It’s estimated that 85% of America’s homes were constructed before 1980 — which means that they’re in need of remodeling. The advantages of buying an older, more outdated home is that they’re often less expensive than newer or more updated homes. Of course, starting a whole home remodeling project is easier said than done. It’s often more financially feasible to update your home over time.

Perhaps two of the most popular rooms to remodel are the kitchen and the bathroom. The advantages of a kitchen or bathroom remodel are manifold. Not only are these rooms more easily outdated over time — they also often add value to a home more quickly if they’re remodeled. New buyers usually look at kitchens or bathrooms with more scrutiny, because they often have distinguishing details. You may not think that you’re going to sell your home anytime soon; but keeping your home up to date and working with professional home remodeling services will ensure that, should you wish to sell it, you’ll get the best profit possible. With that being said, we’re going to look into some of the most popular bathroom remodel ideas — and why they can add value to your home.

1. Dual Sinks

When handling a master bathroom remodel project, you’ll want to consider the fact that most master bathrooms are shared by partners. Many partners run into issues with bathroom space, clashing over where they’ll store their toiletries and get ready in the morning. This is why many couples love dual sinks. This gives both people their own cabinet space, vanities, and even space to keep their toothbrushes. Essentially, this makes it much easier for both people to coexist without issue. Neither one feels crowded, and they’ll be able to avoid inconsequential bickering. Furthermore, these types of sinks tend to add to a more modern look in the bathroom. Of course, it’s not the type of remodel that is necessarily accessible for every bathroom. It’s crucial to leave this kind of remodel to professionals, rather than risking handling it yourself.

2. Glass Showers

There are many benefits to updating your shower. Traditionally, a shower is often covered with plastic and fabric curtains — which are not only less than attractive, but often prone to mildew and need frequent replacements. Therefore, a lot of people prefer enclosed glass showers, and they’ve become frequent centerpieces of bathroom remodel projects. Not only do these showers prevent the issues that often come with traditional showers — they also have a fogged look that ensures some level of privacy, and can contain heat more effectively as well. These types of showers also tend to have tile flooring, their enclosed natures keep water from splashing onto the bathroom floor. While they may seem a bit trendy, they seem to have stood the test of time, and should continue to do so for years to come.

3. Dimming Lights

This might seem to be something of an unusual bathroom remodel idea — but it will make more sense once you remember that a bathroom is meant to act as an oasis in your home. If you’re really trying to relax in the tub, isn’t it easier if you’re able to dim the lights a bit? It’s even simpler if you manage to have the dimming switch close to the tub.

No matter what — make your remodeling decisions with broad appeal, relaxation, and convenience in mind. With professional assistance, you can’t go wrong!

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