Top 2021 Kitchen Design Trends

Before diving into a kitchen remodel, it’s essential to do your research. Understanding your needs and wants is key, and so is seeking out current trends for inspiration. Planning a kitchen refresh soon? You’re in luck — we’ve done the hard work for you and gathered some of the latest and greatest kitchen design trends of 2021.

Pendant Lights

The lighting in your home is an important consideration when planning your desired look. The right lighting enhances the décor and sets the mood of the room. Both practical and decorative, pendant lights are trending. Homeowners love that a functional element can also be a statement piece. Pendant lights are versatile and can be organic and elegant, bold and dramatic, or anything in between. 

Pantries & Specialty Storage

No matter your kitchen’s size, good storage options are crucial to keeping all your items organized and the room uncluttered. Pantries are a timeless feature that allows homeowners to conveniently access items without cramming everything in their cabinets. Using drawers to store items normally kept on a shelf is also big right now. Drawers keep items of all sizes — including spices, bulky appliances, dishes, and even baking equipment — neatly tucked away and within reach.

Utility & Laundry Rooms

Nobody wants to walk in the door and see a pile of dirty shoes on the floor. Especially for homeowners who have pets or children, it’s easy to see why having a separate space to do laundry and take off and store outdoor gear is a great idea. Having this space next to the kitchen is an especially smart timesaver and maximizes efficiency when homeowners need to prepare a meal and wash a load of clothes at the same time. 

White Cabinets

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. With all the bustle of food preparation and storage, socializing with friends and family, and sometimes even working in a kitchen office, clean, white cabinets can be a calming, grounding feature. White cabinets also offer versatility, allowing other areas such as the backsplash or countertops to be in the spotlight.

Pops of Color

While classic white kitchens are trending, adding pops of color keeps the look fresh and modern. This remodeled kitchen features white cabinets paired with a bold blue center island. Accent colors like this create visual interest and are delightfully unexpected design features, as well as great conversation starters. Having one brightly colored stand-out element is also easy to change later if you’re looking to freshen up your space.

Veined Marble

Always the picture of luxury, a marble countertop looks classy and elegant in any kitchen. A heavily-veined and weathered texture like the one shown here captures the eye and provides an exciting focal point.

Feeling inspired? Check out our Kitchen Design Guide for insights and to help you get started on your next remodel. 

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