Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Just like creating a new look for yourself can add a boost of confidence, so can updating your home’s aesthetic create a happier and healthier environment. In fact, According to Houzz, one-third of homeowners say they change to a healthier lifestyle after remodeling their kitchen. However, a full kitchen remodel may not be something that you’re ready to commit to yet.

Still, there are ways to give your kitchen an updated look by just repainting those old and drab kitchen cabinets. If you are ready for a full kitchen remodel, however, then this advice is still relevant as it’s important to not neglect the cabinets during a remodel. Otherwise, the kitchen, while having updated important areas like equipment and countertops, will still have an aged look. As a helpful guide, here is a list of some currently trending kitchen cabinet colors that will be sure to invigorate your space.

The Showstopper

One way to be sure to create a look that will be sure to get a “wow” from a guest is to paint your kitchen island a different and striking color from the rest of your cabinets. For example, juxtaposing white cabinets with a beautiful blue island with gold hardware, like the look in Alison Giese Interiors, will be sure to stop anyone in their tracks as they stop to admire your kitchen.

Vitamin D

What better way to create a happy and welcoming space, than the color yellow? In fact, according to color psychology, the color yellow evokes feelings of warmth and happiness and is even thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body. Pair the yellow cabinetry with a white or interesting geometric backsplash, and you’re sure to create a look that is fun, happy, and inspiring – maybe even enough to jumpstart regular attendance at the gym!

Classic Monochrome

Two dual colors that are both classic and complementary to one another are the traditional matte black and bright white. This is a color combination that is always in style and that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. For those who would prefer an “ageless” kitchen look, this may be the color scheme for you. By mixing traditional elements with more contemporary hardware and cabinets, this classic look will be sure to create an updated, but refined look to a kitchen.

If you’re looking at your cabinets, still not knowing where to begin, contact a professional for a second opinion. They will help you find a look catering specifically to your kitchen and home.

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