Upgrade a Renovated Bathroom with Wallpaper

Homeowners have remodeled more than 14.2 bathrooms and 10.2 kitchens annually. Perhaps you are ready to remodel your bathroom. An important part of planning and designing for bathroom remodeling is decorating the walls. It may not seem like it, but you will enjoy your newly renovated bathroom more when it is well-decorated. A bathroom with just bare walls feels sterile and lacks the potential design impact of high-end products such as wallpaper.

Decorating a Bathroom with Wallpaper Has Trend-Worthy Possibility

Whether you choose to decorate your bathroom with a rustic theme, traditional them, or more of a modern theme, there is a plethora of wallpaper to fit your décor schemes. Plan ahead using bathroom remodeling services from expert home remodeling contractors. They will listen to your concepts and use your vision to create a bathroom interior that reflects your lifestyle.

Beautifully Upgrade Your Bathroom with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a popular choice when it comes to beautiful upgrades for bathroom remodeling. The appropriate wallpaper creates the precise style you want to invoke. Consider it to be a creative decorating tool at your disposal with plenty of modern and trendy options. The days of just wallpapering an entire room are over. Wallpaper has many purposes and can be used to make a grand design statement.

Wallpaper Is Enjoying a Comeback in Bathroom Remodeling

Consider using high-end wallpaper on a single wall to create an accent wall. Choose attractive designs that mean something to you to become the focal point of the space. Make an intriguing impression by applying wallpaper in a smaller area of the bathroom.

While wallpaper adhesives have greatly improved, certain conditions must exist in the bathroom to keep the adhesive effective over time. Select “waterproof” wallpaper that has been specifically designed to last in areas with high humidity. Bathroom remodeling services can also include ensuring the room is well-ventilated so the wallpaper you prefer remains intact longer.

Experiment with Wallpaper in Your Commode

Your bathroom design should reflect the style you prefer. Experiment with large prints, bold colors, and splashy finishes that exude panache. Wallpaper easily brings verve into the room. Consult with bathroom designers to view a spectrum of printed designs, interesting patterns, vivid colors, and rich textures that will be cohesive with the entire design of your remodeled lavatory.

If you have a separate room for the toilet, this is the perfect area to apply wallpaper. The space is much smaller since it is out of the main bathroom area. Wallpaper will effectively highlight both rooms and be further protected from an otherwise humid bath or shower.

Consider Decorating with Wallpaper Borders

Your bathroom designer will know how to use wallpaper as a border to create a custom touch in your lavatory. Borders can accentuate the top of walls below the ceiling, around windows, the door, or a mirror. Wallpaper borders look exceptionally well when emphasizing an accent wall that you want to stand out in all of the right ways.

There are many choices when it comes to using wallpaper for bathroom remodeling. Designer wallpaper is a wonderful option that will advance your remodeling efforts. Make your newly remodeled bathroom look trendy, modern, and sophisticated with professionally installed wallpaper.

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