Working Remotely? Here’s How to Create a Stylish Home Office

Even before the pandemic, many homeowners were determined to improve their properties. The remodeling industry was expected to grow by 2% annually through 2025 — and with more of us spending an unprecedented amount of time at home recently, it’s not surprising that you may be eager to make every space more functional and appealing.

While some home improvement project ideas may have been obvious to you before stay-at-home orders were put in place, others may have become apparent only after our lives were altered so drastically. For example, many Americans are now working at home for the first time in their careers. And while setting up shop in the kitchen or a spare bedroom might have sufficed for the first couple of weeks, it’s now becoming clear that remote work may be more common.

Whether you’ll be continuing to work from home, or you simply want to be more productive when you work on your personal projects, here are a few tips to help you create a stylish home office with help from your trusted home remodeling contractors.

Be Creative with Square Footage

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a separate room specifically for their home office. If you have a spare bedroom or a den that isn’t being used, it’ll be easy enough to add a desk, comfortable chair, lighting, and other organizing extras. But even if you don’t have that kind of space to spare, it’s still possible to create a functional and stylish office. With assistance from home remodeling services, you can transform a hallway, closet, kitchen nook, or entryway into a usable workspace. By removing doors, using L-shaped desks, or even dividing up a room with curtains, you can design an office without having to undergo an expansive renovation.

Of course, your home remodeling contractor may advise that a home addition is a greater way to add substantial value to your home and allow you to have a dedicated workspace. If you need peace and quiet to work, or your contractor suggests this option for resale value, you’ll have free reign to put your own stamp on the space.

Add a Sit-Stand Workspace

A more sedentary lifestyle can come with health risks. But if you’re accustomed to working in an office, you might not realize there are other ways to work besides sitting behind a desk. If you want to add some fitness into your work day, consider using a sit-stand desk in your office design. Not only can this make it easier to move around, it can also make the space look more modern and versatile. You can opt for an adjustable desk or install a bar-height mounted table that can accommodate a taller stool. This allows you to get more out of a small space as conventional desks tend to take up more of a room’s space due to their bulkiness.

Use Walls to Your Advantage

You also can use this same principle to make use of every available square inch in your new home office. Floating shelves and consoles, mounted filing cabinets and organizers, or a suspended pegboard can add both visual appeal and functionality in a space of any size. The more you can mount on the walls, the less clutter you’ll have on your desk and on the floor. That way, you can keep what you actually need at eye level and won’t risk losing anything in a messy pile. As a bonus, these features can also help you add a pop of color to make the room more attractive.

If you’ve been struggling to be productive while working remotely, it may be time to consider working with home remodeling services to create a home office space. For more information on how we can improve your workspace, please contact us today.

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